Juvia’s Place “The Saharan” Palette Review/Swatches

Juvia’s Place “The Saharan” Palette


“The Saharan” by Juvia’s Place is a 12-pan eyeshadow palette consisting of 4 matte, 4 satin, and 4 foiled shades.

The Basics:

Purchase Price: $28.00 + $6.75 S&H

Cart to Door Time: 8 days (Ordered 01/24/17 > Received 01/31/17)

I purchased this palette the day it released from the juviasplace.com. The photos of the packaging were taken before I used it (if you’re wondering why it’s so pristine). I have been using it as a part of my everyday makeup routine since I received it in the mail.




All swatches are done on clean, bare skin. No primer or sprays are used. I do two swatches side-by-side of each color. The left swipe is done with a finger, while the right swipe is done with a flat, synthetic eyeshadow brush. I only do one pass because I think it shows the strength of pigmentation.



Top Row (left to right):

Sokoto – A bright orange-red matte shade. This color has good pigmentation overall (in fact it has a tendency to stain the skin). It has a smooth, creamy texture and is easy to blend out.

Wodaabe – An antiqued gold with a hint of green, this shade is one of the foiled shadows. It is one of my absolute favorites in the palette. Texture is perfection — no chunky glitter, just finely milled and beautiful.

Bororo – A cranberry foiled shadow that is another favorite for me! The texture is almost identical to Wodaabe. Both are so creamy they almost feel wet to the touch.

Kia – This is a darkened teal shade with a brown base (similar to MUG Insomnia). It comes off like a duo-chrome when sheered out. I have nothing bad to say about this one–just another well-done foiled shadow.


Second Row (left to right):

Zoya – A champagne shadow with a satin finish, Zoya is a beautiful everyday color. The texture is smooth and creamy. I can’t tell you how many times I have worn this all over the lid with a neutral transition shade in my crease.

Iman – Another satin-finish, Iman has a white base with a blue shift to it. It’s a stunning color, especially for the inner corner. I’ve also been able to use this as a subtle face highlight.

Jamila – Ahh, this shade was such a disappointment, mainly because it was one I was so excited about before I got my hands on the palette. It is a reddish- brown, matte shade. I found it to be a little stiff and harder to work with. Not the worst — just much drier and patchy when compared to the other shades.

Senegal – The last foiled shadow in the palette, this is a very nice bronze color. It has excellent pigmentation and is similar to the other foiled shadows in texture.


Third Row (left to right):

Chad – A solid matte black shade. This one is a little drier in texture so when looking at swatches it comes off a little patchy. It’s not the best I’ve used but it is buildable. I’ve been wetting my brush and using it as liner without issue.

Katsina – A nice neutral, soft brown. This shade has a matte finish which makes it a perfect crease color. It has a creamy texture, is easy to build up, and has great staying power overall.

Lulu – A beautiful peach shade with a satin finish. This does not have the same pigmentation as the other satin or foiled shadows; however it does layer well. It is a nice addition to the palette because most of the other colors are so bold. This gives you the option of an easy, soft look.

Fula – I have decided this is a satin shade; however it almost comes across as foiled. It is a very beautiful lilac that is unlike any that I’ve seen before. The texture is the same as the other foiled shadows in the palette — no obvious glitter, soft to the touch, and easy to blend out.

The Nitty Gritty: Let me start off by saying that Juvia’s Place makes some of my favorite shadows. I find their palettes to be not only cohesive and of good quality, but they also have more exciting color combinations than many of the palettes currently on the market. Plus, they are affordable! I own the Nubian, Nubian 2, Masquerade, and now The Saharan. That being said, is it a must-have?

For me, it’s a no-brainer — YES! Although there were two disappointing shades in this palette (Jamila and Chad), they were by no means deal-breakers. I believe the quality of the other shadows outweighs any of the negatives. The size is perfect for travel and it has been a staple for me, along with my original Nubian (they are also about equal in size). Honestly, I think this is a solid product overall that I will continue to reach for throughout the year.

On a side note, I know that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding shipping and customer service issues with this company. I myself was a little wary in placing my first order; however I decided to give them a try. Now I can’t speak to any one else’s experience but my own–so over the past few months I placed three separate orders for the four palettes I have in my collection. With all three orders I received order confirmations, shipping notifications, and delivery confirmation emails. I have never had to contact customer service directly, but I have never had a need to either. Shipping times were appropriate, everything was packed well, and I received all items that I ordered in good condition. Based on my experience I will continue to purchase from this company, but will definitely keep you posted!

Thank you for stopping by 🙂 !!!





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