Too Faced “Love Light” Prismatic Highlighter Review/Swatches

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighters

 “Blinded by the Light” and “Ray of Light”


Hello all and welcome:) So, as promised we are now entering into that final chapter of the Too Faced haul with two of the three recently released highlighters. As mentioned in my previous post, Too Faced released their Natural Love Collection on March 9th, 2017. This included three prismatic highlighters, a 30-pan eyeshadow palette, a line of cocoa-infused eyebrow pencils, and 6 new shade additions to the existing “Melted” liquid lip line-up. The full collection is available for purchase on the Too Faced website,, and on HSN. Everything except the eyebrow pencils (at the time of this post) are available on I purchased the eyeshadow palette and two highlighters from the Too Faced website on the release date.

The Basics:

Purchase Price: Love Light Prismatic Highlighters $30 USD each + free shipping (free on any order over $50 USD)

*Note for shipping – For U.S. and Canada, this product is available on the Too Faced, Ulta, and Sephora websites. HSN ships to the U.S., including U.S. territories. International customers will have to order on and/or check out the international shipping list provided on Shipping rates will vary.

Cart to door time: 20 days (!!!!!) (Ordered 03/09/2017 > Received 03/28/2017)

I have been alternating these products daily for about three weeks.

Love Light Prismatic Highlighters:




All swatches are done on clean, bare skin. No primer or sprays are used. I do two swatches side-by-side with each color. For highlighters, the left swipe is done with a finger, while the right swipe is done using Wayne Goss 02 brush. I only do one pass because I think it shows the strength of pigmentation.

Blinded by the Light:




Left to right: finger swatch, brush swatch, sheered out with brush

Ray of Light:




Left to right: finger swatch, brush swatch, sheered out with brush

Shade Breakdown:

Blinded by the Light ~ This is described as a “champagne” highlight. It has a cream-like (almost cushiony) texture if you touch it in the pan, but it applies more like a powder. This has no visible glitter and offers a nice, subtle glow. Definitely not “blinding” — even when built up. Think “soft, natural glow” for fairer skin tones.

Ray of Light ~ This is described as a “rose gold” highlight. It has the same texture as Blinded by the Light, as well as application. Now this one definitely shines more pink when it catches the light and in contrast to “Blinded” I do see visible reflects on the skin —   almost like a glitter but a little finer. I think fair skin tones can pull it off as a blush topper, but I see this working better on medium to deep complexions.

The Nitty Gritty: So the big question is — are these worth the $30 price tag? I think it really depends on what you’re going for. If you like a more natural “glow from within”, I think these are great! But, if you’re looking to stop traffic with the tops of those chiseled cheeks–eh, I’d look elsewhere. These really don’t layer well, so if building is part of your game plan, I’d spend the extra $8 for some Becca or $10 for an ABH Glow Kit. Overall, I don’t really regret my purchase, but I do think there are better options on the market. No disrespect to Too Faced because these ARE a part of the “Natural Love” collection (keyword “natural”) so with that in mind, they do deliver.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and hanging out for a bit. Stay tuned for my Sephora VIB Sale Haul and a Viseart Review/Giveaway:)

If you’d like to check out my review of the Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Collection, you can find it here.



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