Tarte “Make Believe In Yourself: Magic Wands Brush Set” Review

Tarte “Magic Wands Brush Set” Review


Hello and welcome:) To piggyback off my previous post, I also wanted to share some thoughts on the “Magic Wand Brush Set” by Tarte. These beauties are just another part of the “Make Believe in Yourself” collection that was released on March 14th, 2017. The products included an eye and cheek palette, a powder highlighter single, a liquid highlighter, two lip paints, rose gold glitter liner, a brush set, face and body glitter and a re-release of “lights, camera, lashes” mascara in new, holographic packaging. The full collection is currently available for purchase on Sephora.com and tartecosmetics.com, while a smaller selection of items are available on Ulta.com (brushes are only at Sephora and tarte).

The Basics:

Purchase Price: Make Believe In Yourself: Magic Wands Brush Set $39 USD + Free Shipping (Sephora VIB Rouge)

*Note for shipping – For U.S. and Canada, this product is available on the Tarte, Ulta, and Sephora websites. International customers will have to order on Sephora.com and/or check out the international shipping list provided on tartecosmetics.com (they ship to a lot of countries outside the U.S. and Canada). Shipping rates will vary.

Cart to door time: 6 days (Ordered 03/22/2017 > Received 03/27/2017) This will also vary depending on where you purchase from.

I have been putting these products to the test over the past few days and have incorporated them into my daily makeup routine.




Pink Powder Brush


Magenta Contour Brush


Purple Liquid Foundation Brush


Green Blending Eyeshadow Brush


Blue Shading Eyeshadow Brush

The Nitty Gritty: I remember first seeing the unicorn brush handle at the end of last year from Unicorn Lashes (they just sold out of their MERMAID (!!) brushes…ya mull that one over for a minute). I wanted that set sooo badly but I couldn’t justify the seventy some odd dollars (USD) for cost plus shipping to the U.S. Maybe if I knew a little bit more about the quality, but definitely not without having some frame of reference. Plus, a lot of the reviews I read talked about how “cheap” the handle felt. Now, when I saw the Tarte brush set I was really excited because 1. Unicorns (well established, I know) 2. They LOOKED really well-made 3. The relatively low price point. Now, I did read reviews beforehand and got a little nervous. As with Unicorn Lashes, some felt that the brush handle was made of a cheap plastic that was at risk of breaking with use–but I hoped for the best. Now, after having them in my hands for a few days, here are my thoughts:

I do think that the handle feels cheap–there isn’t any real way around that. The twisted section is made of a very lightweight plastic, further complicated by the very fine point that’s needed to create the “horn”. The feral itself is metal and has a heavy weight to it; however, this is problematic because the tip that the brush typically sits on is so thin. The distribution of weight makes it feel like you are at risk of breaking the brush if you sit them upright and/or use them a little too rough. Because of this, I keep mine laying flat in a drawer rather than out in a glass on my vanity. Which again, kind of sucks because why buy unicorn makeup brushes if you aren’t going to display them (amiright)?

Overall, I think the synthetic bristles are really nice. They are soft and thick. I haven’t experienced ANY shedding to date (although I have not washed them yet). I also think the price is good for a set of 5 brushes, especially when a single brush can cost 2-3 times that with higher-end brands. It really just comes down to whether or not you want to deal with the delicacy of the plastic handle. Whatever you decide, I hope this was helpful.

Have a great weekend:)

**And here is the review for the Tarte Eye & Cheek Palette from this collection**




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