BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector -Prismatic Amethyst Review/Swatches

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

“Prismatic Amethyst”


So I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like I am getting announcements for new highlighter releases on the daily. I feel like this started last year but has become an even bigger focus for makeup brands with the fast-approaching Spring/Summer seasons. With that in mind — PREPARE TO BE INUNDATED WITH HIGHLIGHTER REVIEWS! Just kidding, but honestly I do have a few to put out there in the coming weeks along with some very exciting, newly-released products. But on to the review!

BECCA cosmetics released a new shade of the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Prismatic Amethyst. To date there are 8 shades available for a variety of skin tones with all being described as having a “radiant finish”. This shade was released in February 2017 and is available for purchase on the BECCA website, as well as It is not available in the poured version and is “limited edition” (whatever that means these days).

The Basics:

Purchase Price: $38 USD (I am a VIB Rouge member with Sephora so I did not have to pay shipping costs)

*Note for shipping – For international customers this will be available through BECCA also has a list of international vendors on their site. For U.S. residents BECCA offers free shipping with account signup in the contiguous 48 states and free shipping to Hawaii and Alaska with $50 purchase (so kind of free).

Cart to door time: 5 days (Ordered 2/17/17 > Received 02/21/17) This will vary depending on where you purchase from.

I have had about a month with this product and have used it in one way or another, every day.



All swatches are done on clean, bare skin. No primer or sprays are used. I do two swatches side-by-side of each color. The left swipe is done with a finger, while the right swipe is done with a Wayne Goss 02 brush. I only do one pass because I think it shows the strength of pigmentation.


The Nitty Gritty: So in the land of highlighters how does this one fare? I wasn’t so sure when I first saw this shade simply because purple on my cheeks was a little intimidating (as much as I love makeup I tend to go more understated in my day to day); however, I am now a lavender convert. BECCA describes this as a “lavender duo chrome” which is exactly what you see in person. When you straight swatch it on your arm it comes off as a silvery lavender, but when sheered out on the cheeks, there is a pink shift to the product that catches the light. I would say it is almost like they used their opal highlight as the base and added lavender and pink tones to it. With that in mind, I think this is absolutely beautiful for fair skin tones but I see it working on deeper complexions as well. I think the shift in color is what makes it more universal. It lasts all day–and I mean ALL day. I still catch that slight pink shift on my cheek well into the evening.

Now when compared to other highlighters currently on the market — if you have the Anastasia Beverly Hills MoonChild palette, this highlighter is very similar to Pink Heart. The primary difference between these two is the formulation. MoonChild has visible silver reflects, not really glitter, but you can definitely see individual particles. With the BECCA highlight, you cannot see individual reflects. The product itself seems to be VERY finely milled. So between those two, I personally prefer BECCA. Now if you have the KatVonD Alchemist palette, BECCA Amethyst is almost identical to KVD Opal. Honestly, I cannot tell the difference. So if you have the KVD palette already I don’t see any reason to purchase the BECCA highlight, unless you are semi-obsessed like myself.

Overall, BRAVO to BECCA. I think this is a beautiful product and for me worth the money, but there are definitely similar options on the market if you’re not looking to drop $38 on a highlight. I think if you are a fan of this brand and the formula of the Shimmering Skin Perfector line, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been able to use it on my cheeks, inner corner of my eyes, all over the lid…well, I basically put it everywhere. So if you’re considering purchasing this product, I hope this helped a little with your decision.

See you soon!



One thought on “BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector -Prismatic Amethyst Review/Swatches

  1. I just received this from Becca and I absolutely love it. Finally a highlighter that doesn’t make me look like the Tin Man.

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